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Graphite. Supercharged.

We took the good parts of open-source Graphite, and supercharged them. We also added everything vanilla Graphite is missing: a built in agent, team accounts, granular dashboard permissions, and integrations to other technologies and services like AWS, Heroku, logging tools and more.

3x redundant storage

We replaced Graphite’s antiquated file-based whisper storage for seamless scaling with multiple redundant copies of your data.

APIs put you in control
Everything we offer is built to be modified and automated with our APIs – it's all geared toward automation and control.

Support for tagged metrics
We support storing data using tags. Ways of viewing and organising metics with dataviews

Other great features

“As MetricFire scales effortlessly, we can push and store more metrics than we really need today but might need tomorrow. This increases our depth of understanding of the systems that we run and heads off any future problems.”

Jim Davies, Head of DevOps,

You can trust us to have you covered if something goes wrong.

Hourly backups of dashboard and user data

As you scale, we scale

We support everything from hobby users through to large multinationals, with plans and service customization to match your scale.

Graphite monitoring experts since 2012

We collect billions of data points per day and have done since 2012. We provide a mature metric ingestion and storage backend, trusted by thousands of engineers.

Support from engineers and developers

We offer first line, deeply technical support from experts, whenever you need it.

24/7 oncall team

Our oncall team works 24/7, 365 with continuous automated monitoring from around the world.

Plug and play

Metrics can be sent directly from your application without the need for additional dependancies or aggregation services.


Get in touch and one of our engineers will walk through Graphite monitoring best practices and any challenges you're having.